Aerial images (collected by USDA and USGS) through time illustrate land use changes and are particularly interesting in areas of urban growth. Additionally, USGS geological information can be overlain to understand the type of rock of sediment in a particular area. The Fish Creek Glacier carved and deposited sediment in the Mountain-area of Steamboat Springs. Morainal Ridges (or depositional push-deposits) can be interpreted from aerial images and ground-truth-ed geology maps. For example, the Anglers neighborhood was built upon glacial push-moraine ridges. Moraines are glacial deposits that are typically hard and unsorted (contain mud-, silt-,sand-gravel- to boulder- sized) sediment that was transported and deposited at the base of the glacial. Push ridges are deposited by episodically surging and retreating glaciers. They can give an indication of the glacial/ climate conditions of that time.