Location of original Soda Spring. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the location of the soda-rich (carbonate-rich) spring called Soda Spring was marked and protected by a gazebo. Expansion of Lincoln Ave (the main street through Steamboat) necessitated incursion onto the natural Soda Spring outlet. We can use historical aerial photos to locate the original location. Check out the pre-move and post-move images. Thanks to the USDA and USGS – for collecting and archiving this data for us.

Anthropogenic modification of mineral springs – Soda Spring
1968 versus 2017 Soda Spring and Gazebo location – images courtesy of USDA/USGS image archive. Previous Gazebo-Soda Spring location marked by white circle (corner of Lincoln – 13th St) in 2017 image.

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