With ‘early’ 2016 spring with high February and March daily temperatures, the question about trends in snow depth arises.  Using the NCDC climate data from a station in Steamboat Springs (in the valley), we can investigate trends in snow depth and snow fall.


The March Snow Depth (inches) and Snowfall (inches) graph is shown below.  The data suggests that over the past century, the number of years with  no snow depth (inches) by the end of March has increased.  A linear trend was fitted to the data to highlight the overall general decrease in snow depth through time.  But, there is considerable range in the data.  Early in the century the years with deep snow were approximately 50-55 inches.  In past few decades (1970’s to 2010’s) – the years with deep snow were approximately 35-40 inches.  Also, beginning in the 1970’s more and more years have March ending with little to no snow depth in the Steamboat valley.

March Snow Depth and Snowfall:  National Climatic Data Center (NOAA) data.  


For a more comprehensive look at the snow depth and snowfall data for Steamboat Springs, CO: November through April





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