Warm February Temperatures (50’s°Fahrenheit) the past couple of days in Steamboat Springs, CO made me wonder, how common?  February is supposed to be COLD- brrr,  right?  Well, let’s look at long-term weather/climate records from Old Town Steamboat Springs, CO.

Maximum February Temperature (top graph) has not substantially changed over the past century (typcial range ~10°F to 55°F).  BUT, Minimum February Temperature (middle graph) has (on average) increased by about 8°F (typical range ~ -20°F to 32°F .  The number of February days above 45° Fahrenheit (bottom graph) has not changed obviously over the past century.

So NO- it is not uncommon to experience ‘warm’ February days in Steamboat Springs.  The months of February of 1934 and 1995 saw 12 and 13 days, respectively above 45°F.  In the 1940’s and 1950’s as well as 1990’s it was common to experience 2-6 days of greater than 45°F.   Thanks to NOAA and NDCD for the online climate data.


No. of ‘warm’ February days over the past century in Steamboat Springs, CO



Daily Minimum Temperature for February over the past century in Steamboat Springs — Note the gradual average increase in minimum daily temperatures.