Maps are essential for visualizing spatial relationships and are very useful as static 2D images of 1 concept or theme. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software can be used to create interactive maps. Interactive maps allow a user to compare, contrast multiple types of related information which would be difficult to display and analyze in a traditional static map. They allow more complex information to be shared and discussed.

Interactive maps can provide valuable information for discussion around the merits and drawbacks of trail building (specifically a set a trails called the Mad Rabbit project – into the Routt National Forest in NW Colorado.

Click here to access the Interactive Map

Within the past 7 days- Earthquakes recorded in Routt County – 17 km SW of Steamboat – near Twentymile Park. The USGS reported 2.2 Magnitude Earthquake at 1.6 km depth.

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Click here for an interactive map that illustrates property ownership of Routt County, CO

Snapshot of the interactive web map – City of Steamboat and Surrounding Area. Check out property owner statistics for Routt County.

Original data from Routt County Assessor’s office and Routt County GIS office.

North Routt County, Colorado Property Ownership
Oak Creek – Stagecoach Routt County Property Ownership